About Us

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2019 marks Port Union Bed & Breakfast’s inaugural year! We look forward to celebrating our opening year with you, while you experience all that Newfoundland has to offer. Port Union is a beautiful locale with an extensive history to discover, and we hope that we can make your experience–whether it is your first visit, or one of many–a very special one.


Owned and Operated by…

Paige Swinston is a social butterfly, and has a passion for making guests feel at home in a clean and comfortable space. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science from the University of Alberta and Master’s Degree in Animal Science from the University of Queensland. She has a decade of experience and education in genetics and agriculture and is currently a serving member of the Canadian Forces.


Amanda Goldsworthy is a passionate and proficient low-fat vegan cook. She is enthusiastic about diet, and how it impacts our mental and physical well-being. She is a hydroponics enthusiast, and eager to employ future agriculture technology to Port Union Bed & Breakfast in the near future. Amanda holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Athabasca University, and has several years’ experience applying/auditing quality management systems and drafting business operating procedures. She is currently learning to apply electronic automation to her personal Deep Water Culture hydroponic system; a technology which she intends to later apply to the business.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing a unique, warm, and authentic experience for our patrons, while maintaining the rich historical and cultural integrity of Port Union.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a destination by reputation by providing exemplary customer service, offering healthful food choices, governing our business with environmental sensitivity, and sharing Newfoundland’s culture and history.

Discover Port Union Bed & Breakfast

Nestled on the beautiful northeastern coast of Newfoundland, Port Union has a rich historical character and untold beauty that remains largely untouched and ready for discovery.

Port Union was home to the Fishermen’s Union Trading Company, which was established in 1910, and the remnants of their activities still remain in tact today, thanks to the Coaker Foundation’s restoration efforts. Along main street are various buildings that once serviced as stores and housing for the union, including the Manager’s House, which is now home to Port Union Bed & Breakfast. Many of the buildings along main street are estimated to have been built pre-1930, lending to the area’s extensive potential for historical appreciation and discovery. Though the Manager’s House has been restored, most of the pre-existing architecture has been retained, and it’s authentic beauty can be admired in the original wood flooring, doorways, staircase, and slate fireplaces.

To learn more about Port Union and the Fishermen’s Union history, be sure to check out the Coaker Foundation Museum (only a 3 minute walk from Port Union B&B), which offers tours and features artifacts that have been discovered in the area.